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A scarf like a turban... We aimed for a comfortable turban and completed it.

We use taffeta material that is densely woven with organic cotton and high-quality cupra fabric.

The cupra fabric follows the good parts and weak parts of cotton, so it does not fade easily. I made the most of it.



The fabric is carefully woven in Fukui Prefecture.


The print is Rippmonster's original color scheme, and after many meetings,

Kyoto, which has prospered as a dyeing and printing production area since the Edo period, was printed with high-quality machines.


Black rubber around the face Material: 89% cotton, 11% polyurethane

The surface of ultra-fine cotton threads is woven using a technique called "gas grilling" to reduce fuzz, and by strongly twisting the threads to make them as clear as possible. .

The fabric is characterized by its carefully selected cotton, stretchy feeling, and clear and clean surface.

Knitting is done in Wakayama, and dyeing is done in Aichi (Ichinomiya City).

Ichinomiya City is called [Bishu] and has been a major production area of textiles since the Nara period. To ensure that the turban does not slip off and provide a good fit, we chose this fabric because we were particular about the softness of the part that touches the skin the most.


We will send you a QR code along with the turban.


Please wash it gently by hand washing.


Others are posted on Instagram @ripmon_turban.

If you have any questions, please contact the dedicated LINE listed in the archive.

  • Cancellation/Refund/Return

    basically after orderingCancellations and refunds due to customer convenience are not possible.

    Please double check that there are no mistakes in the materials and colors before ordering.

    Thank you.

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  • Convenience store payment

    If you choose convenience store payment, please be sure to select the convenience store you want.

    If you do not select a convenience store, you will not receive an email, so please be careful.

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