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terms of service

rippmonster/rippmonster chipie.

We would appreciate it if you could use it carefully because it is a product that sticks to each material.

Please be sure to check the following sentences.


[About cancellations, returns, and exchanges]

If there is no problem in using the product, such as the design preference, we cannot cancel or exchange the product after the order has been placed.

We carry out strict inspections at our store, but in the unlikely event that a product is found to be defective when it arrives, we will return or exchange unused products within one week of arrival.

In that case, please be sure to send us something (invoice) that can confirm that you have purchased it. Please note that if you do not have a certificate that corresponds to the above, we will not be able to respond. In addition, please send the delivery fee at our store's expense.

The cooling-off system does not apply to this product as it is a product purchased by a customer accessing our website.


[About repair and maintenance]

As indicated on each product page

Please confirm.

We would appreciate it if you could see the products of rippmonster/rippmonster chipie. on Instagram and in stores.

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