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daily turban blue

daily turban blue

Beautiful material with a satin-like luster.
We use cupra non-twisted yarn (untwisted yarn) and stretch yarn that feels good on the skin, such as is used for baby underwear. Beautiful and stress-free material.

All hand washable.


Aiming for a turban that is not too casual, we have recreated the texture of the fabric with a sense of mode. At first, the fabric itself has a feeling of tension, so it may feel difficult to follow the scalp. I would like you to roll it over and over again to grow the fabric.

*We recommend that you rub and wash it when you receive it to make it easier to get used to.

Dyed land: Fukui prefecture

Material: 54% cupra, 39% cotton, 7% PU・Material of the black rubber part around the face: 89% cotton, 11% polyurethane The surface of the ultra-fine cotton thread is reduced in fuzz using a method called “gas firing” to make it stronger. This fabric is made by twisting the threads to make them as clear as possible, and knitting them with a structure called "bare milling" that requires special techniques. The fabric is characterized by its carefully selected cotton, stretchy feeling, and clear and clean surface. Knitting is done in Wakayama, and dyeing is done in Aichi (Ichinomiya City). Ichinomiya City is called [Bishu] and has been a major production area of textiles since the Nara period. To ensure that the turban does not slip off and provide a good fit, we chose this fabric because we were particular about the softness of the part that touches the skin the most.


We will send you a QR code along with the turban.



  • Product information

    I wish I had a turban like this. I myself made the ideal turban that I think so.

    You can enjoy many ways to wrap a single item according to your outfit of the day, and you can adjust the strength according to the conditions. Matching the person to the person, it will be finished in balance along the shape of the head.

    The fabrics are carefully made in Japan, domestic sewing, domestic dyeing and trust.

    Free size.

    How to apply and how to apply is posted on Instagram @ripmon. I want to apply lipstick unintentionally. . . . That's the turban.

  • Repair/maintenance

    We accept repairs, but please note that we may not be able to repair depending on the condition.

    If the wire breaks, it will be replaced with a new wire.

    After informing the customer of the repair fee, etc. on LINE, we will repair it after the customer is satisfied.
    In the unlikely event that the wire pops out, please stop using it immediately and contact LINE.

    Thank you.

    LINE: 0401 ripmon


  • Shipping information

    Please check the shipping fee in the shopping guide.

    *We will be closed from December 26th to January 7th, 2021, so we will not be able to ship items. For those who ordered at the end of the year, January 8, 2021 will be the shortest shipping date. Please note that it will take 5-10 business days to ship. We would appreciate it if you could confirm the number of days before placing your order.

  • About refund

    Basically, refunds cannot be made after an order has been placed.

    Please double check that there are no mistakes in the materials and colors before ordering.

    Thank you.

  • About color change

    Colors cannot be changed after an order has been placed.

    Please be sure to check the color before purchasing.

    (Refunds cannot be made after an order has been placed.)

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